January 21, 2021
All you need to know about APIs

API stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. API is a chemical compound and the most important raw material to produce a finished medicine. API gives the intended effect in the medicine to cure the disease. For instance, Paracetamol is an API for the medicine Crocin and this API is responsible for giving relief from body ache and fever. Every medicine is formed from two main ingredients, the chemically active APIs and chemically inactive, excipients, which is a substance that delivers the effect of APIs to one’s system. In short, API + EXCIPIENTS = PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION. It must be noted that excipients have no pharmacological action on their own i.e. they are inert.

Excipients are the bulking agents, fillers, or diluents because in most cases API is in milligrams or micrograms. With the small quantity of APIs, it is impossible to make any stable formulation without adding any excipients. One can find the name and amount of the active ingredient contained in the medicine on the package of OTC (over the counter) drugs. Some medicines also use multiple APIs which are known as fixed-dose combination drugs.

All you need to know about APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredien

All you need to know about APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

Where APIs are made?

Traditionally, the APIs were produced by the pharmaceutical companies themselves in their own countries but in recent years, many pharma companies have opted to outsource overseas to cut costs on expensive equipment, employees, and infrastructure. This changing trend has caused significant changes in how these drugs are regulated, rigorous guidelines, and more inspections. Pharmaceutical companies are mostly located in the United States and England but the concentration of API manufacturers is high overseas especially in Asia, particularly in India and China.

Who makes APIs and how are they made?

The API manufacturers make API. Their development department conducts a series of experiments to find a chemical compound that has the potential to become an API. After finding the compound, the API manufacturers prepare a chemical compound that becomes an API in the laboratory by considering the degree of concentration and temperature that will help in the development of a quality API. The API is not the result of only one reaction from the raw materials instead it becomes an API after several chemical compounds. A chemical compound which is in the process of becoming an API from raw materials is named as an intermediate. Then the production department manufactures a high quantity of APIs using the large reactors. According to Kastura Chemical, ‘’ If an API is not ultra-pure, medicine can not meet the strict quality criteria. So, the quality of an API plays a really important role”. After that, the quality control staff then conducts analyses in the testing laboratory to examine whether the manufactured API is ultrapure, and after testing it is packaged and becomes ready for sale to the drug manufacturers. Drug manufacturers then make medicines by mixing APIs and pharmaceutical excipients. After this long process, the APIs turn into medicines which are then delivered to hospitals and pharmacies.

What are the regulations?

Regardless of where the API is made, it is the responsibility of the company to adhere to strict safety and quality standards set by the country where it will be used. For instance, the APIs manufactured in China or India for use in the United States must still be inspected and licensed by the FDA. Similarly, if the API is intended for use in Europe, they are required to meet the regulations set by the European Medicines Agency.


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September 8, 2020
pcd pharma franchise company in Ambala

The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly and doing great business. This sector mainly focuses on innovation and formulations. Ambala is known for the scientific market now it has seen that city is focusing more on these firms. Ambala region in Haryana has a good number of Pharma companies that offer franchise business opportunities all across the nation. If you looking for a company you can easily find the best among the top 10 companies list shared by World Healthcare.

  • World Healthcare Pharma

“A pharmacy that never shirks your trust “World Healthcare Pharma: It is a professionally managed organization and has achieved a remarkable position in the market by providing a quality range of pharmaceutical formulations. With the effective in-house capabilities of manufacturing and following all the standards and regulations, world healthcare has a separate testing unit. The medicine suggested here by the healthcare experts is based on zero side effects, accurate composition, and other attributes. Their product range includes tablets, capsules, syrup, pediatrics, eye drops, Ayurveda/Herbal, gel, and much more.

  • Penardo Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Penardo Biotech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company that provides the “Best services, for the best customers”. Eminently catering to a wide range of pharmaceutical products to meet the requirements of the remedial needs Penardo Biotech, is the most trustworthy name of the medical industry of the nation. This Company follows the best practices as per the industry standard and its products are WHO GMP certified.  They offer a diverse range of more than 300+ quality products with the best quality and reasonable prices.

The company has a wide range of products that includes Injectables, Tablets, Capsules, SoftGel, and Ointments, etc.

  • Venistro Biotech

Venistro Biotech is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company that has a reputation market value in pharma manufacturing and marketing all across the nation. It offers distributorship of high-quality pharmaceutical products along with monopoly rights. Its therapeutic segments include Antibiotics, anti-infective, cardiology, orthopedic, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, respiratory, oncology, and dental. Their product range comprises Tablets, capsules, syrups, injection, ointments, oral liquid, protein powder, etc.

  • Aeon Remedies

Being a client-centric organization, Aeon Remedies observe ethical business policies that make us a reliable and trusted business associate. We are into the development of a class formulation of class formulation having a wide range of Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, and many such compositions that are consumed to treat one’s health. All products are manufactured at GMP standard furthermore planned permission build-up unit. Diclofenac Diethyamine Linceed Oil, Pantaprazole Injections, and Deflezacort Cefixime Tablet are some of the products which they added to the list of their offerings.

  • BSA Pharma

BSA Pharma is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, sourcing pharmaceutical products. The top-rated GMP certified Company is manufacturing a wide range of medicines including tablets section, capsules section, hand sanitizer, eye drops, injectable section, lotion section, ointment syrups, sachet, etc. The company has the expertise and skilled team that works with dedication and provides services to clients in an efficient manner.

  • MAX NOVA Healthcare Pharma

MAX NOVA Healthcare is Certified ISO 9001:2015, founded the company in 2010. This company manufactures a wide range of medicines that covers baby powder, protein powder, dry syrup, tablets, gel, lotion, injection, etc. Their products are manufactured under the guidelines given by GMP. Their product is examined at different quality parameters before supplying it to the market.

  • Solace Biotech

Solace Biotech is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide assortment of Pharmaceutical Formulations. This company starts its operations in 2000 with a fresh, innovative approach to be a top pharmaceutical company and a commitment to provide highly responsive service to healthcare professionals, patients, and communities.

The product range offered by Solace Biotech includes Muscle Relaxant Tablets, Non-Opioid Analgesic, Anti Allergic & Anti Asthmatic Medicines, and so on.


SG Biosciences Company is ISO 9001:2008 propaganda cum distribution Franchise Company; offer the genuine Pharma deals across pan India.  This company is ISO/ WHO/GMP certified company that is solely committed to delivering excellent products and services. This company covers a product list that includes gynae range, weight loss supplements, multivitamin syrups, soft gelatin capsules, ointments.

  • Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

The franchise Company in Ambala Haryana, Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a known face in the industry. This company follows GMP standards and achieved ISO 9001:2008 certifications following a good monopoly policy. The range of products and medicines covers tablets, capsules, syrup, ayurvedic range, nasal spray, powder and sachets, pediatric range. State-wise and District wise PCD Franchise are also provided to clients all over India.

  • Pacific India Pharma

Established in the Pharmaceutical hub city of Himachal Pradesh, Baddi, Pacific India is the best pharma manufacturing company. It is counted as one of the leading third-party manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of a variety of Pharmaceutical Medicines. They deal in a variety of medicines that cover an extensive list of like Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Dry syrup & Dry Injections, etc., which is applicable to cure various diseases.

In this article, we tried to highlight the best companies in Ambala that specialize in different medicine platforms. These companies maintain their manufacturing plants that are completely developed. We hope the shared information would be beneficial for the Pharma franchise business.


July 2, 2020
PCD Pharma Franchise Ambala

Are you also impressed by the incredible popularity of the pharma franchise business?

Obviously, as the Pharmaceutical field provides several excellent business opportunities for pharma companies of all sizes.

In this following description, we will cover these important points?

  • Why is the Pharma business model so much preferred?
  • What are the leading reasons for thriving pharma companies in India?
  • What are the future prospects if you launch a business today?

In 1990, one sector which was going to change in India was the pharmaceutical sector. Pharma Franchise Business has completely altered the course of the medical field. And it provided opportunities to small Pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical professionals to grow and start their own work. Might be most of us don’t about the Pharma franchise, these words are a well-known word for the medical experts who are related to the healthcare products and medication field.

As far as states show there are about 12000 pharma companies in India that depict their growth and ease in doing such business in India. In India, about one million of the employees are working in different pharmaceutical companies. So, it is an excellent source of livelihood.

Before moving towards the reasons firstly understand the concept of PCD Pharma Franchise in India

Pharma Franchise Business Concept is worked at a business agreement between two parties, Supplier and Seller. A supplier includes a Pharmaceutical marketing company, a manufacturing company, carrying and forwarding agents, etc. Seller may include sales professionals, Agencies, retailers, etc. Pharma franchise is a type of franchise agreement where the firm holder provides authority for the business operations to run smoothly. The whole range of actions ranging from the manufacturing of drugs to marketing, the franchisee is responsible for running each operation efficiently.


There are different notable and salient features that depict the popularity of PCD Pharma Company in Ambala. Let’s have a look at those parameters, which are the causes behind the popularity of Pharma Franchise in Ambala.


Reduction in cost of Marketing

Being a part of a pharmaceutical company in Ambala, you don’t have to spend considerable expenses in the marketing of your business. That may be one of the main reasons behind pharma franchise popularity. Pharma Company has to spend huge money and efforts, from the general manager to medical representatives, these all have to bear a lot of expenses such as c & f to the retailer and foreign tour to small gifts.

However, the Pharma Franchise concept helps in the lessening of direct sales manpower and related expenses, hence the Franchise Company’s marketing and promotion cost cut down.

Low Operational and administrative costs

If you are connected with a well-established pharma franchise company you need less staff force for handling work. It keeps administrative costs low. It makes the business an ideal solution and attracts more and more people to launch the pharma franchise business.

Start your own work at a small investment

If you have good links with doctors or medical professionals then you can get a great opportunity to start your own work with a small investment. In the pharma business, you are your own boss; you don’t have to work under anyone else. Moreover, In Pharma Franchise marketing and distribution, work can be started with low investment as ten thousand rupees.

Provide the opportunity for innovation

Once you get to hold of the business, you collect an adequate knowledge of the pharma sector. Using this knowledge, you can quickly diversify the business. The work culture and business model of the franchise business offers a lot of chance to grow. And you know the talents and tricks of dealing with business challenges by working a pharma franchise business. Hence, there is a broad scope for innovation.

Reduce the workload by sharing responsibilities

If you have pharma sales experience but don’t have any knowledge about manufacturing, distribution channels then the pharma franchise business would be a good choice for you. As a Pharmaceutical Company provides the product and franchise sell it further. All the responsibilities are divided into all members of the pharmaceutical industry. Hence, you do no longer need to take a load of work stress when you launch a franchise commercial enterprise.

Phenomenal results

If you choose the right company and the right products, then the best results are guaranteed. A pharma franchise business brings definite results because of many reasons. First, it has gained high recognition in the past few decades. Second, small investment at initial stage. Third, the scope is so broad that you can pick a specific product offering, to begin with.


Future prospects of Pharma Franchise business

It is clear that the business prospects of a pharma franchise model are many. The increasing graph of the healthcare sector in India depicts that the pharma franchise business’s future looks bright. This field will be always exciting whether you are launching the business for the first time or you are an experienced entrepreneur, entering the world of the Pharma franchise.

With a relatively low investment, you can raise a big business eventually and the financial risk will also be less. If the product is good quality and the pharma company is well-known, then running the business will be easy.

However, it is crucial to select a PCD pharma franchise company in Ambala which is a leading one and amongst the best companies in the niche. You have to explore different choices and pick one that is ideal.

Final thought

These are some major reasons why the pharma franchise sector is gaining so much popularity in India. Not only is it a challenging and demanding business, but quite exciting as well. If you are looking for the best pharmaceutical company in Ambala then World healthcare is one of the top PCD pharma franchise company in Ambala which offer a Pharmaceutical franchise with extraordinary marketing support.  It offers monopoly rights to pharma companies in India with top medical promotional schemes.