October 24, 2020
PCD Pharma Franchise frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The pharmaceutical sector is today growing at a very fast pace. People all over the world are earning huge profits because of the ever-increasing demand for healthcare services. As the business seems to be lucrative, the young entrepreneurs want to build their career in the niche. Are you one of them who wants to hire a pharma franchise but having queries regarding it? Do not worry, we are here to help you out with this problem. Read below the most frequently asked questions regarding the pharma franchise.


Que 1. What is the pharma franchise?

A Pharma franchise is a permission granted by the government or a pharma company or an organization possessing the rights, to an individual or a group qualifying them to carry out certain specified commercial activities as an agent to the market, sale, or promote that company’s products.


Que 2. What is PCD pharma franchise?

PCD pharma is propaganda cum distribution which means the authorization of distribution and marketing support and rights at the basis of monopoly that is provided by a pharmaceutical company to a pharma distributor to use their company name on behalf of the company.


Que 3. Is there any difference between the PCD franchise and the pharma franchise?

The only difference is the size of the business. PCD works in smaller units with lesser area, lesser investment and without any specific target whereas pharma franchise works on larger units with higher investment, larger areas of operations, and more specific targets.


Que 4. Who can apply for a pharma franchise in India?

Any person having experience in the pharma industry can apply for the pharma franchise in India such as chemists, doctors, etc.


Que 5. Why launch a pharma franchise?

The owner is the sole owner of the business and this gives independence along with higher profit margins because the company has already established its brand value.


Que 6. What is a drug license? What are its types?

A drug license is required to start the pharma business. In India, the Central drugs standard control organization and the State drugs standard control organization issue the drug license. Generally, there are two types of drug licenses; a Retail drug license that is issued to a person who runs a chemist shop, and a Wholesale drug license that is issued to a person who sells drugs on a wholesale level.


Que 7. Is there any scope for the PCD pharma franchise business?

In the coming years, there will be a high population of middle-class families in India who will eventually demand good healthcare facilities and medicines. So, the demand for quality and effective pharma products is bound to rise.


Que 8. What are the essential requirements for a PCD pharma franchise company in India?

Experience in the pharma sector, drug license number, good workplace, connections with doctors and hospitals, GST number, and other legal documents are some of the requirements for a PCD company in India.


Que 9. What are the factors which should be considered while choosing a pharma franchise company?

The location of the franchise, availability of the products, brand name of the pharma franchise company, product, and packaging are several factors that should be considered before choosing a pharma franchise company.


Que 10. Are there any sales targets for the PCD pharma franchise?

Yes, the pharma company gives certain sales targets based on your chosen area, district, etc. Targets can be monthly, yearly, or quarterly which will be based on the policy of the pharma company. Eventually helping pharma franchise businesses to grow.