August 10, 2020
Pharmaceutical company in Ambala

The pharmacy business is not affected by the economic cycle that is why it is considered an evergreen business in India. India is a leading and rapidly developing presence in global pharmaceuticals and holds a prominent place in the international pharmaceutical market. It is the most generous provider of generic drugs globally.

Indian pharmaceutical sector supplies more than 65 percent of global demand for various vaccines, 27 percent of all medicine in the UK, and 45 percent of generic demand in the US. It indicates that the scope of the pharma sector in India is broad. However, it is important to know about the best Pharma Company, its history, market track record, profits, and other details. World Healthcare Pharma provides high-quality pharmaceutical products that are certified and examined by Healthcare professionals.

Delivering quality therapy through quality medicines

World healthcare products are manufactured by ISO, WHO, GLP, and GMP certified companies. It includes Pharmaceutical Tablet, Pharmaceutical Capsule, and Pharmaceutical Syrup, Pharmaceutical Sachet, and Pharmaceutical Injection, and soft gel capsules. These pharmaceutical drugs are categorized into several therapies that include Gynecology, Dermatology, Neurology, Cardiology, etc. Our produced drug qualifies for PCD Pharma products on a strict quality basis like balanced composition, purity, and longer shelf life.

We are a trustworthy and reliable drug store and adopt effective production methodologies. Our offered quality assured grade of medicines is highly demanded in different fields like the hospital, medical colleges, clinics, etc. These medicines are processed at our well-equipped production unit using quality tested chemical compounds under the supervision of our experts.

Sound Distribution Network

Leveraging on the sound distribution network, we work toward bringing new and essential medicines to the market and distribute them to all parts of the country. We offer the PCD Pharma franchise on a monopoly basis to those individuals and established businesses that are looking to set up PCD Pharma Distribution Company with little investment. Moreover, World Healthcare has satisfied customers all across the country. As a result, they are enjoying being our Pharma Franchise or PCD Pharma business associate.

Experienced and Qualified team

Being a quality-centric organization, we have selected a team of quality experts, who examine the proposed medicines against numerous quality parameters set by the medical sector. Our skillful specialists hold tremendous experience in their respective domains. The credit of our success in this field is directly attributable to our devoted workforce. Under expert supervision, our leading firm has been able to make its way in the market with proper assistance.

Our Success Formula

Our pharmaceutical company’s brand success formula is just simple: determine a drug that is needed, introduce it to the doctor via a sales representative, and watch the prescriptions get filled. Hence, we led to our success in the market, and our companies brand products always stay ahead of the competition.

Why it’s worth to choose World Healthcare as Pharmaceutical company in Ambala?

World Healthcare is among the intellectual and best Pharmaceutical company in Ambala. With the right to innovative technology and excellent healthcare facilities, we have transformed the PCD Pharma industry. With the changing pharmaceutical industry, World Healthcare grows up with new and creative ideas in the form of its PCD Pharma products and marketing strategies for business partners. Hence, efforts and time are spent on every product to make it pure, safe, and best in quality. Not only products but also the company assures to deliver the best services to its associates. For best and growing PCD Pharma business in Ambala, you must pick the right company to associate with it.

To wrap it up

Above all, World Healthcare tends to meet the highest standards of quality by introducing a wide range of formulations. Eventually, focused on cultivating long term relationships with our franchise partners. Also currently supplying a comprehensive range of herbal and pharma products to all our franchise partners.

June 15, 2020
Atorvastatin 10 Mg: Effective Medicine to Cure Cholesterol












A Hale and hearty lifestyle is a good initiative and can defense against high cholesterol. As some people have a genetic predisposition to high blood cholesterol levels. And some others may have raised cholesterol levels due to an unhealthy lifestyle, which may improve with a healthy diet and exercise. When you have high cholesterol, the first thing to do is to change your diet and fitness less saturated fats, no trans fat, less sugar, and more activity. However, diet and exercise aren’t enough sometimes, and you might need to take cholesterol medications. Drug therapy plus diet can help to bring cholesterol down to a safe level.

As per the Pharmaceutical Company in Ambala, there are several different types of prescribe drugs that lower LDL (Low-density lipoprotein).

Why Atorvastatin 10 mg is prescribed?

Atorvastatin Tablets belong to a group of medicines known as statins, which are lipid (fat) regulating medicines. It is used to improve cholesterol levels in people with different types of cholesterol problems. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke. One can use it together with diet, weight loss, and exercise. Besides, it helps to prevent cholesterol from building up in your arteries.

This drug helps to lower your (Low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and raise your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or “good” cholesterol. Atorvastatin improves your body’s ability to get rid of LDL cholesterol through your liver.

Most importantly, before starting treatment, you will set yourself on a low-cholesterol diet, which you should maintain also during therapy with Atorvastatin Tablets.


How to take Atorvastatin medicine and how does it works?

  • Atorvastatin 10 mg acts on the liver to stop it from making Cholesterol. This lowers your blood cholesterol level. This tablet doesn’t upset the stomach; you can take it with or without food.
  • Take Atorvastatin 10 mg once a day. You can choose to take it at any time; it would be beneficial for you if you stick to the same time every day.
  • Since your body makes most cholesterol at night, so, doctors may recommend you to take it in the evening. If you’re not sure when to take your medicine, ask a pharmacist or your doctor for advice.
  • Take Atorvastatin tablets whole with a glass of water. If you’ve been given chewable tablets, you can chew them or swallow them whole with a glass of water.
  • Your dose depends on the various reasons for taking this drug. Aside from this, other things also are matter such as your cholesterol levels, and what other medicines you’re taking. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you’re unsure how much to take.
  • Avoid large amounts of eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while using this medication. Or else it may lead the amount of this medication in your bloodstream.
  • Last but not least If you are taking some other drugs to lower your cholesterol for example bile acid-binding resins then you should take Atorvastatin at least 1 hour before or at least 4 hours after taking these medications. These products may react with Atorvastatin, preventing its full absorption.



  • Do not take drinks that contain alcohol as it may raise your risk for liver disease when it is taken during medication. Take it in a limited amount. Talk to your doctor if you drink more than two alcoholic drinks per day.
  • Atorvastatin should never be used during pregnancy. It can harm the unborn baby.
  • If you are hospitalized due to serious injury or infection, or if you are having surgery, including dental surgery, tell the doctor or dentist about your medical history.
  • Do not breast-feed while you are taking this medication because it may possible risk to the infant. So it is not recommended during breastfeeding.


What should you do if you missed a dose?

You should take the missed dose as soon as you remember it. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule. Remember that you do not take a double dose to make up for a missed one.

World Healthcare – Pharmaceutical Company in Ambala is a renowned name in supplying quality pharmaceutical products says that ATOWOR 10 – Atorvastatin 10 mg is part of a complete program of treatment that includes exercise diet, and weight control. Follow the diet, medication, and exercise routines very closely. Pharmaceutical Company in Ambala has made every effort to make certain that all information is factually correct, comprehensive, and up-to-date.


However, given information is provided for educational purposes only. You should always consult your doctor or other healthcare professionals before taking any medication.

May 30, 2020
Pharma comapny In ambala

India is one of the prominent and fast-growing presence in global pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical is a significant contributor to the Indian Economy. That is one of the main reasons; competition in the Pharmaceutical Sector in India is relatively high than in other sectors. Every Pharma Company wants to climb the heights of success in this sector.

World Healthcare pharma is the leading Pharma Company in Ambala that primarily developing medicines to treat numerous diseases.  WHC always developing a high-quality and affordable medication that satisfies the medical needs of patients.

World healthcare – a pharma company in Ambala that always try to implement new strategies and planning. A considerable step Pharma Company took far before is embedding digital approaches into the Business.

Uniting the power of digital marketing with the Pharmaceutical world helps to reach Healthcare practitioners, medical experts, and the customers/patients who are searching for the best medications for the treatment of different diseases.

“Digitalization is not only helpful in the marketing of products or Brands but also significantly changes the healthcare industry by facilitating underscored processes in production, product expansion, and on-ground activities,” says Mr. Raman, Owner (World Healthcare Pharma)

With the help of a digital marketing company in India, WHC Pharma Company easily reached the numbers of customers and promoting the products worldwide. Through New Digital technologies and innovations, pharma companies all over the world enabled to improve medicine development and patient care.

Here we discuss a few Benefits of merging digitalization into Pharma industry:

Able to Provide More information about Products/Company

 When we are talking about digitalization, the website is a digital platform for business. Through a Website, a business can provide information about the company, Board Members, Team, and Product/services. Pharma Company in Ambala lists all the products on the website with a full description, composition, pack size, and packaging. Digital platforms reduce workload and cost. Moreover, provide sufficient information about the products at a single platform. Modification in the product list is quite easy whenever there is the launching of any new product.

Engage More Customers

Digital media presents pharma products only in front of those people who have the requirement of specific medicines. As a result, more people get attracted to such products. Digital media not only retain the customers but also build goodwill and trust for the product. Ultimately with the help of digitalization, a pharma company can earn profitability and stability in this fastest evolving sector.

Improve Decision Making

 As we discussed, digitalization saves time and reduces the workload, so Fact-based, prioritized decision making and the effectiveness of managerial decision-making are enhanced. Quick decision making is improving the sale and ROI of a Pharma business as it reduces the risk.

Instant Response to Queries

Since the queries regarding medical expertise and Pharmaceutical products increases in high volume, WHC set enquiry form and Chatbox on the website. The person who has any inquiries related to medicines availability, usage, and dosage administration can directly submit an enquiry form or chat directly. Chatbox and enquiry forms avail instant response as a result of which trust and loyalty of customers toward the brand get improved.

Online PCD Pharma Franchise Distribution

Pharma companies distribute PCD pharma Franchise with full monopoly rights and promotional material. For PCD Pharma franchise, Go to the Website >> Contact Us >> Fill Enquire Now Form. Then, the support team communicates the person and provides the full detail and explain the procedure. It will take only 3-4 hours to complete the process.

Local Brand Awareness

For a pharma business, awareness of the brand in the local market is very crucial. The sale of a Pharma brand that is locally Famous is relatively high than others. Pharma companies that implement Digital marketing strategies to aware people of the local area receive good responses than those companies which apply Traditional marketing strategies. World Healthcare pharma aware local Clients through Google my Business profile, where people quickly Call, message, Get direction, and many more.


 It is not wrong to say that with the help of digital marketing, World Healthcare – Pharma Company in Ambala climbed the heights of success. Marketing works as a backbone for a pharma company. Digital marketing strategies boost the sale and ROI Of a pharma company. Try it today!!



May 6, 2020
Pharmaceutical company in Ambala

The pharmaceutical is one of the rapidly mushrooming sectors that are providing excellent business opportunities for people who are looking for something more profitable. Also, if we talk about various opportunities in choosing Pharmaceutical Company, then startups can choose and find their interest amid R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Marketing sector, etc.

However, engaging in this sector is indeed a great thing. At present, if you have enough capital, resources, and a clear vision for investment, then you can join World Health Care Pharma, the leading Pharmaceutical Company in Ambala.

Being part of this field is unquestionably the right decision for everyone who ever joined this day by day evolving sector. The best thing you reap the benefit of is, over time, if you become skilled in handling things effectively, then nobody can keep you away from touching the pinnacle of success. This sector has higher growth potential and that’s the big reason how big Pharmaceutical Companies in Ambala and other regions have grown.

As there’s also a myth regarding the pharmaceutical companies that this business only suits to big companies and startups can’t find stability in it. But it’s not the absolute answer; each Pharma company in Ambala before getting famed as the leading company was a startup as well.

So it all depends on your effort, time, vision, and hard work; ultimately you earn profitability and stability in this fastest evolving sector.

If you are also planning to join this sector, then you can find your interest in-

Marketing of Medicines:

Pharmacists have a strong understanding of drugs and how to produce them. Therefore, if you’re a pharmacist searching for a career opportunity outside the pharmacy, then starting a pharmaceutical-manufacturing business might be very rewarding for you.

However, there’s another drawback, too, since the production of such drugs involves a range of equipment and services. So not all individuals have the ability to support them at the beginning. In this scenario, you can begin with our Pharmaceutical Company in Ambala.

Marketing and Distribution:

If you have quick-witted skills in marketing, then you are all welcomed in the pharmaceutical. As a marketer, you may gain money by selling and supplying medicines produced by pharmaceutical firms to hospitals and pharmacies. For this, you can join World Health Care Pharma, a Pharma company in Ambala.

Mobile Pharmacy:

The theory of mobile pharmacy is rather new to the Pharma industry. But, this may be a perfect chance for those who want to continue their careers.

The majority of people are struggling to go to a pharmacy owing to a variety of health problems they are facing. Thus, mobile pharmacy here comes as the best service that provides medications to customers at their doorstep.

Online Pharmacy:

If you don’t want to rent a shop for doing pharmacy business, then you can also continue with the online pharmacy. It’s also one of the great ways of commencing a career in the pharmaceutical business.

Fitness Centre:

Fitness centers provide space for individuals to work out and invest time in a healthy activity. It helps to keep people fit so they could live a better life.

Therefore, if you want to commence your career in the pharmaceutical field, then you can provide people with some training, equipment along with medication for a healthy lifestyle.

In this way, you can find great opportunities to shine in the healthcare sector.

Medical screening:

This startup business demands comparatively more capital; for instance, these startups require new technologies. But, this business venture is quite profitable, too, as it allows people to book appointments with various hospitals, medical specialists, and health centers.

The use of smartphones makes it very easy and quick to work. There’s no reason to stay in long lines, desperately looking for the turn. Instead, you can schedule a meeting by phone and arrange a meeting date.

Baby Spa:

Baby spas are, however, common all over the world. It is indeed gaining significant momentum in India, and most of the Pharma companies in Ambala are promoting it. Here you will find anything that cures a baby and make her healthy. There are loads of parents in India who pay special attention to their child’s health; thus, here you can also offer them some medications along with services.

Start Blogging on Health-Related Issues:

It’s extremely interesting to mention; there are a lot of people out there who make millions of dollars a year by blogging. Similarly, if you are already a medical professional or you can hire someone with substantial expertise in the healthcare industry, then it is one of the best ways to launch your career and start writing on healthcare-related topics.

The fact is, if your blog contains valuable and beneficial material, you’re going to draw a lot of traffic. Therefore, if you have a lot of traffic on your blog, you can sell anything from your business.

Start Retailing Herbal Medicines:

One of the easiest ways to start a career in the healthcare sector is to initiate the retailing of herbal medicines. For instance, it’s a booming and lucrative option for people who are looking to start something more demanding. The only thing you need is a license to sell herbal medicines without any constraints effectively.


These business ideas are just a few examples. There are a variety of other possibilities that are not listed here. It’s essential to do a business analysis and figure out what’s right for you. Bear in mind; one must set up a business plan that offers full productivity.

Nowadays, people are showing more concern towards their health; thus, before sickness or after sickness, people are going for medications. Simultaneously, you can imagine incredible stability in this business. Therefore, if you also want to reside in this sector, then you can commence with World Health Care Pharma, a reputed Pharmaceutical company in Ambala.