Why Prescription Drugs Have Such Crazy Names?

September 21, 2020
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Drug names often contain complex scientific suggestions that are the product of a high-stakes creative practice that provides the magic of selling with consumer psychology and scientific testing. About 15 years ago, the FDA realized that pharmacists and doctors were confusing about numerous medicine names. One of the examples is Celebrex and Celexa.

Likewise, numerous drug names are there that look so weird. Pharma Company in Ambala suggests that a good drug name is supposed to check lots of boxes. It should be easy for doctors to spell accurately once they scrawl it down on a prescription pad.

What makes a good name is?

  • It is easy to pronounce
  • It is easy to remember
  • It should have a neutral to positive impression on your target audience

There are thousands of medicines that are available within the market. Without having the name of a drug, pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed to sell their products. In every company, the products are identified by their brand names. From the perspective of Pharmaceutical Company in Ambala, brand names are the foremost significant attribute of a product after its quality and packing.

Why can’t be kept drugs names even as any other things?

Regarding medicines names, there are some norms and regulations which are made by the U.S Adopted Names Council. Many limitations are imposed on when medicines are named, and that they vary from country to country. One can call Active ingredients like Supercool Medicine. It’s not difficult to recall, also easy to pronounce.

Each drug has many replacements in the market, and this can lead to mistaken identity. To avoid these kinds of mistakes every drug name is kept different from others. However, the naming process of medicines has been a very slow movement.

Every Marketed Drug has three names i.e. chemical name, generic name, and brand name. Take a quick description:

  • The chemical name of the medicine is set as per its chemical structure of the drug. It has a longish name that’s very intricate to remember.
  • To make it a little easy to remember, the doctors and pharmacists used the generic name (non-proprietary) of the drugs. Unless a Chemical name becomes established, it is generally not used in practice, for example, sodium chloride.
  • In the concern to the brand name, there might be several trade names (brand names) for one particular drug but has just one generic name (non-propriety name). When the generic name is under copyright stability, the association markets use it under its brand name.
  • A major approval is given by the Pharma Company in Ambala that off-patent drug must use the same generic name but can create their brand name. As a result, the drug with an identical name is often sold with the generic name.
  • Generic drugs name and brand names must be different to limit 1 drug from being mixed for another when drugs are prescribed, and prescriptions are dispensed. To see this credible uncertainty, the FDA must allow each advanced brand name.

New Government guidelines for generic and brand name

In the Government guidelines, it had been mentioned that a generic name should be two fonts bigger than the brands’ name font size. The rationale being the generic names of the drug is larger than the brand name. Also, the Generic name should be 2 points larger than the font used for the brand name.

Moreover, it includes:

  • As per new government notifications, font for Generic and Brand Name must be the Italic
  • Underline for fonts of Generic name /Brand name never be used.
  • Generic Name on the foil: 100% black
  • Text Matter should be in either in Calibri or Arial
  • No changes required in existing color schemes and carton
  • The generic name for the carton or mono cartons are often 70 % of Black Or in any other color which is used for a generic name in existing


Pharma drugs having combinations of Ingredients

As per government new guidelines, generic name and brand name quite compulsory. If the product having 3 or more combination of ingredients, they need to follow some govt guidelines in which include:

  • For Pharma drugs having three or more ingredients, a Round Bracket will be put for the Brand name in the same color of a brand name.
  • The whole red box for schedule H, H1 as per the new guiding principle, and the rest of the design is the same.
  • Storage conditions in bold
  • In existing artworks, text matter to be as per the guidelines


Government Notification for Pharma Products with Generic Name Only

  • All the text of generic to be in Capital and small letters
  • The storage conditions in bold
  • Complete red box for schedule H, H1
  • Text matter in existing artworks to be as per the rules

This article is shared by the Pharma Company in Ambala to render the information about the prescription medicines with different weird names.

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